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How to form a club

If you are interested in forming a new DVG Club, please contact the new Club Coordinator at They will send you all the necessary information and work with you to complete the process.

The following information is an overview of the new club forming process. 

Overview of new club forming process

  1. You need at least 5 full members to form a new Club. Current DVG members from another club are allowed, but must be in good standing with their current club. If any of your members are already in another DVG club, they can be counted in your required 5 members as long as they pay dues in both clubs.
  2. Develop bylaws. We recommend that you keep your bylaws simple, and that details instead be set forth in club policy or procedure documents, which will be easier to revise, as needed. You can use these model bylaws if you want. Note that your bylaws must provide that all member levels may vote on KG (Region) or LV (National) matters, even if you restrict voting on club matters to only some of your members.
  3. Provide the required items contained in the New Club Requirements Checklist by email to the new club coordinator at
  4. The new club coordinator will review your materials for completeness and, if it is complete, share it with your KG to get their review and approval. Your review may include an onsite inspection of your training facilities, equipment etc. by the OfS (Regional Training Director) or other person appointed by the KG. You may be responsible for all their expenses during the visit including travel, food and lodging.
  5. The new club coordinator will let you know when the KG and LV completes their reviews and approves your Club.
  6. You will work with the new club coordinator to complete and pay for your new members using the LV DVG America electronic online membership application and submit your annual club Sport Fee of $50.
  7. Once you enroll your members and pay your dues and sport fee, the LV membership officer will send the applications and approval to DVG Germany.
  8. Upon receipt DVG Germany will review your club’s application and will send your President the club paperwork and membership cards.
  9. Your application is considered complete once all the approvals are in place and your member enrollment is complete. For your Club to be accepted in the current year this process must be completed by September 1. Clubs whose process (including enrollment) is not completed by September 1 will be accepted effective January 1 of the following year.