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In addition to IGP, DVG offers many obedience and tracking titles, providing competition opportunities for all people who love to train dogs. DVG exists for only one purpose – training and titling dogs of all breeds.

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ANNOUNCEMENTS - From the desk of the LRO, Judge Hartmut Beckmann

Reminders and Notes about trials and scorebooks. Read more…

What is IPO/Schutzhund?

Schutzhund (German for “protection dog”) is a dog sport that was developed in Germany in the early 1900s as a breed suitability test for the German Shepherd Dog.

Why choose DVG America?

DVG is the only Schutzhund dog sport club that is not breed-specific. If your dog can do the sport, we accept it.

DVG America magazine

DVG America magazine is the official publication of LV/DVG America and is published four times annually. Look for your copy the first month of each quarter!