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Change a scorebook

Most scorebook changes/corrections can be made by Hartmut Beckmann, Head of Judges.  If you find an error on your book or need something changed (dog name change, owner change, etc.), please contact him at and explain what needs to be done.  He will make the determination if this is something he can do or if the book needs to be sent to Germany.  If it needs to go to Germany, he will instruct you as to how to accomplish that.  If you are entering a trial fairly soon, be sure to let him know so he can advise the best course at that point in order for you to still be able to trial.

If Mr. Beckmann advises you to send the book to him, fill out and print the Scorebook Change form, include it and the scorebook in an envelope to the address shown below as well as a self-addressed, stamped, return envelope.  Include any documentation requested as proof for the change.  He will then be able to mail the book back to you as soon as he completes the changes.

Address for mailing:
Hartmut Beckmann
7660 Frontier Circle
Morrison, CO  80465



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