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Training director program and how-to guide

All DVG America clubs must have a Training Director qualified under the Training Director Training Program.  No one may hold office as a Training Director until they are recognized by LV DVG AMERICA.

If you want to seek office as club Training Director, you must satisfy two prerequisites:

  1.  Show proof of titling dog(s) to a BH and at least an IGP1 title or an FH.
  2. Complete and successfully pass the Training Director Test based on the Training Director’s Manual with a score of at least 80%.

Once you have finished the test, mail it, along with the proof of having the titles listed in item 1 above (like a copy of your scorebook), to the current LV OfG. You can find the name and contact information on the contacts page.

If you meet the requirements, the LV OfG will approve you as a qualified training director, send notice to the club where you are seeking office, and add you to the list of all qualified training directors within the LV.



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