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From the desk of the LRO, Judge Hartmut Beckmann

Reminders and Notes:

Trials and Scorebooks

1) Everybody who enters a trial needs to provide a valid scorebook with proof of membership. DVG Members need to have a DVG scorebook. (If you enter a DVG Trial as a DVG Member then you MUST use a DVG scorebook!). Please give yourself plenty of time when applying for a scorebook. See our DVG America website for details.

2) Requests for trials are done via the DVG Intranet. Please send in requests as early as possible as it is not always easy and fast to find a judge. This will also give everybody more time to make arrangements, especially when it comes to air travel. Air fares are very hard to predict lately and what seems to be a good destination sometimes turns out to be more expensive that expected. Make sure both the club and judge are ok with arrangements before booking any air travel. If you cannot find a reasonable fare, let me know and we will see if we can make different arrangements, but that may not always be possible. Again, more information is available on our website.

3) Once an assignment has been made, clubs need to contact the assigned judge in a reasonable time frame to confirm the trial date and make arrangements. If a judge is not contacted he or she can cancel the assignment.

4) The club/trial chair is responsible for making all necessary arrangements for the trial to be conducted. This has to be completed before start of the trial. This includes the trial paperwork! Scorebooks and membership cards need to be available for the judge to look at and the trial report has to be filled out with the data for all entered dogs. If this is not done the judge has the right to delay or even cancel the trial if necessary. Please ask for help before the trial if you have questions.

5) Trial Entry Forms are no longer needed where the DVG Office is concerned, but you may want to use them internally for collection of information etc. Clubs are also welcome to make their own trial entry form to fit their needs.

6) I keep getting asked about the trial number constantly. When a judge gets assigned you receive a confirmation email from DVG ( “Genehmigung Terminschutzantrag”) which includes the trial number. It is listed as “ Terminschutznummer” and usually is in the format of G-xxx. All trial info is also listed on the DVG website, see a link on our DVG America website.

7) We are getting questions (mostly from outside the organizations what titles we are accepting. We can and will accept all FCI titles, I.e. FCI-IGP 1 etc. That is usually the case for all titles achieved within the AWDF, but also in other organizations associated with the FCI, ie. ADRK, BK, etc. Per FCI we are not allowed to accept non FCI titles.


Judge Hartmut Beckmann

LV DVG America LRO