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Dear Members,

DVG has just informed us that a new trial application process has been put in place.  This new process will replace both the prior “Caniva” application process as well as the temporary process (using our old form via email) which was put into place as a stopgap measure as we awaited Germany’s finalization of this process.   

Starting immediately, this new process is to be used for any trial application.  

The new trial request is to be submitted via the DVG Intranet!  Please note that this is Intranet and NOT the Internet.  The DVG Intranet is a stand-alone internal communication system, created specifically for DVG.

DVG Intranet Access:

Only ONE person per club will be granted access.  This person will normally be  the club president but can also be anyone designated by the club to receive DVG communications.  

To gain access to the DVG Intranet you will first need a login and password.  To set up this access, establish your log-on, and obtain your initial password, please contact Bianca Grüters of the DVG Office at   

The request should include:

  • your name, 
  • Your club number 
  • and your email address.  

Please note:  Your email address will be your login to the Intranet.  

Following the submission, you will receive an email back with  a temporary password for access.  Once this is received you may now access the DVG Intranet using your email logon and the temporary password.

The address for the Intranet is:

** Please reset your password after logging in for the first time! **

See picture of Intranet Login Page below. 

Please set up your Intranet access as soon as possible.

To enter a new trial request: 

You need to log on to the DVG Intranet

Once you logged in the DVG Intranet, you will see this Intranet Homepage:

To enter your trial request, please click on “Terminschutz”.  That will bring up the Trial Application form to be filled out.  Unfortunately this form is currently only in German, but here we show the form with instructions in English.

Upon completion of that form you will hit the button “Absenden” (= send) which is at the end of the form.  That will complete the application process. You will receive confirmation emails for the application and another email once a judge and a trial number have been assigned.

If you have issues or questions about any of this, please contact Hartmut Beckmann at



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