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How to host a trial

Request a judge for a trial

In DVG, trial judges are assigned by the Head Judge (LRO). You request a judge through Caniva, on-line software that all of DVG uses to schedule trials. To use Caniva, first you must have an account on the Working-Dog website: It’s free.

Once you have an account, go to and click on “ADD EVENTS.”

Follow the instructions on the site.

On the event information form, for the “national group” dropdown – select LV 11 Amerika


If you need more help, see the tutorial.

The old trial application form (pdf) will no longer be accepted. If for some reason you cannot use Caniva, contact the LRO.

Publicize the trial

At least 30 days before the trial, it must be posted on the LV DVG America website. Normally the director of judges sends this information to the webmaster, but check to be sure it’s there. Email if necessary. Also notify all nearby DVG clubs and any other clubs that might participate at least 30 days before the trial date. Trials must be open to all DVG members. Trials must be open for the public to view.

Identify a Trial Secretary

The Trial Secretary is responsible for all paperwork before, during, and after the trial. The Secretary is also responsible for helping the judge throughout the trial. All trial entry forms and fees should be sent to the Trial Secretary.

Judges’ fees

You will have to pay for the judge’s transportation, hotel, and food. There is also a judging fee of $100 per day.

Other trialing fees

Each DVG sanctioned trial has three different fees associated with scheduling the event and then recording the event results. These fees are charged back to us by DVG Germany. They are:

Event Scheduling Fee – per Day: 10 Euros for each day of a scheduled event. This fee is incurred when the trial dates are scheduled. If the trial is cancelled there is no refund. However, if the trial is postponed, then the already paid fee will be applied to the new dates once scheduled.

VDH Results Filing Fee per Competitor: 0.75 Euro per competitor

DVG Germany Recording Fee per Competitor: 0.5 Euro per competitor

The LV will bill you for these fees on your annual membership dues bill.

Other information

Use Caniva to prepare the required trial paperwork.

First time handlers are required to take the BH written test, and the Trial Secretary should print out the copies needed and the answer key.

Once scorebooks are presented, the Trial Secretary should check to ensure the information in the scorebook matches the information provided in the entry. Make sure all entrants have a current membership card and that all DVG members have a DVG scorebook. DVG members must use a DVG scorebook, although they can present additional scorebooks to be filled out. Entrants who are not DVG members can present any valid scorebook from an FCI organization. They must also have a current membership card, generally from the same organization. There are exceptions to this rule, so if someone has a membership in one organization and a scorebook from a different organization, ask the judge if it’s OK.

After the trial, the Trial Secretary helps the judge finish the Judge’s Report and all scorebooks.