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Order a scorebook


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Jeanita Davis, Scorebook Facilitator, at

661-829-9451 or

  Do not contact Germany directly or mail any applications to Germany as they will only answer any questions and process applications from the Scorebook Facilitator.

You must order your scorebook at least 5 weeks prior to the trial you are entering.

If it is not ordered in this time frame, you will not be given permission to trial without your DVG scorebook in hand.


Download the fillable PDF form Scorebook Application .  It is strongly recommended to type in your information to prevent errors.

Fill out the form, print it and sign it.  It also needs to be signed by one of your club officers.

Confirm your address is correct on your DVG membership card, your scorebook will be mailed to this address.  Your DVG membership number and club number can be found on your membership card.  If the address is incorrect contact the LV Membership officer, contact information can be found at

On the top right corner of the PDF form, there is a BUY NOW button which will take you to a secure credit card payment link, you do not need a PayPal account to use this feature.  Alternatively, you can send the payment directly via PayPal to   Or, you may mail a check to the current treasurer; contact information can be found at

If the dog has attained previous recognized titles, a copy of the previous scorebook must accompany the application to have them transferred.

You will need to scan and email the following to

-Fully signed scorebook application

-Copy of current scorebook (if applicable)

-Forward the email receipt for proof of payment or note that you paid by check.


You will receive the scorebook via USPS directly from Germany.  If you do not receive it in 6 weeks contact the Scorebook Facilitator at  and a replacement book can be ordered at no charge if necessary.

If you are a new member AND are planning to trial within 8 weeks, send the application and add a note that you have not received your card yet and once you are added to the database, the Scorebook Facilitator will be able to look up your information and add it to the application to save time.  If you are not trialing soon, please wait until you have your card in hand.

If  you ordered your scorebook 5 weeks prior to the trial and have not received the book by the Monday prior to the trial, contact the Scorebook Facilitator at  to begin the approval process of trialing without your DVG scorebook in hand.





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