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DVG America magazine

DVG America magazine is the official publication of LV/DVG America and is published four times annually. Look for your copy the first month of each quarter!

Article submissions

Please submit articles to the magazine! Articles can be about recent trials, seminars, or anything of interest to the DVG community. If you have an idea for an article but are not sure how to proceed, contact to discuss your idea and get general assistance.

Please submit your article as a Word document, without embedded photos. Photos are great, but the file size with embedded pictures will likely be too large for effective transmission. Instead, indicate where you want good quality photographs placed. For example: [INSERT PHOTO1.JPG HERE]. You can also include a caption for each image. LV DVG America magazine reserves the right to refuse to publish articles that are not suitable for a broad DVG membership audience, or to use photographs that are of poor resolution or quality.

Individual subscriptions

Non-members can subscribe to the magazine. Please use the PayPal Subscribe button or contact Shelly Timmerman (email: for more information. Remember, the magazine is published quarterly, so you can expect your issue to be delivered in the first month of each quarter.



Please submit electronic files in Adobe PDF format; high resolution files are also accepted in jpg, tiff and eps formats. Please embed all fonts. Please convert all graphics and images to CMYK and save at 300dpi or higher. All advertising is subject to the editor’s approval before publication. If you format your ad incorrectly or send us a poor photo we can’t fix it for you, so it may be published that way. We will be glad to send


Magazine issue archives


Quarter 1 – Jan/Feb/Mar

Quarter 2 – Apr/May/Jun

Quarter 3 – Jul/Aug/Sep


Quarter 1 – Jan/Feb/Mar

Quarter 2 – Apr/May/Jun

Quarter 3 – Jul/Aug/Sept

Quarter 4 – Oct/Nov/Dec


Quarter 2

Quarter 3


Quarter 1

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Older issues are available in limited quantities.

If you are interested in purchasing an previous issue, please contact the publisher.