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Because DVG is a club-based organization, you need to find a club to join if you haven’t found one already. Use this map to find clubs in your area. Many clubs accept members who will not be training with the club, either because they do not live nearby or for some other reason. You can find those clubs by searching for clubs that accept paper members. Note that if you will be joining a club you won’t be training with, you can join a club anywhere in LV DVG America. However, to trial in a regional championship, you have to trial in the region in which your club is located.

For New Brunswick/Canada, please select it from the drop down list – not the map image. Thank you.

Click on a club in the list to see a more detailed view with the contact information.

Clubs are sorted alphabetically regardless of region chosen.

 West (WKG) Clubs
 Midwest (MWKG) Clubs
 North (NKG) Clubs
 Southeast (SEKG) Clubs

Can’t find a club in your area?
Start your own DVG America club! Email our “Forming Club Assistant” at: