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Order a scorebook

How to order a DVG scorebook

All scorebooks must be sent through the Scorebook Facilitator at with proof of payment.  I will forward the application to Germany and I will be the direct contact for questions/issues regarding scorebooks.  Do not contact Germany directly to ask questions or send a scorebook application directly to them, as they will not answer the questions or process the application if it doesn’t come from me.

Here is a link to the new scorebook application form.

Scorebook Application

Save the scorebook application to your computer and then fill it out.  If you don’t save it first, you may lose the information you have put into it.  It is recommended that you type the application.  Handwriting can be misread, resulting in perhaps a longer processing time or an error on the book which must be corrected later.

Once you have completed it, pay for it via the “pay now” button in the top right corner.  Save it again, sign it and have your club official sign it.

Email the completed, signed and paid for application to the scorebook coordinator at with proof of payment.   If you are providing copies of other scorebooks with prior titles to be entered into the book, be sure you send those to me as well.  I will email the request and any attachments to Germany.  The finished scorebook will be mailed from Germany directly to you as we are doing now.

Germany will email me with the date of mailing as she puts the books in the mail.  If you don’t receive the book by 3 weeks from the time it was ordered, let me know and if it has been mailed, I should be able to provide you the date it was mailed.

If you need the scorebook for a trial within 8 weeks and you don’t have your membership card/number yet, send me the application anyway, note that you haven’t received the card yet, and I will see if your membership number is available yet so we can still order the scorebook.   If you are not trialing soon, please wait until your membership card arrives, put the membership number on the form and then email it to me as above.

You must order your scorebook at least 8 weeks before you wish to trial.  If you have not received the book two weeks prior to your trial, let me know and I will see if I can get the scorebook number.  Let me know who the trial secretary is and their contact info and I will provide the number to the Trial Secretary (no one else).   If the book has not arrived by the trial date, the secretary will be able to complete the trial paperwork and you will be able to trial.   Once the book arrives, you will need to contact the judge and arrange to mail or deliver the book to them so they can enter the trial scores and ratings into the book.  No one else can enter this information into the book and if it isn’t done, your book will be incomplete when you want to trial the next time and will prevent you from trialing.

If you are ordering the book the normal way, not for an imminent trial, let me know if you have not received it 6 weeks after it was ordered.

If you need to order a scorebook on a RUSH/overnight basis the cost is $100.00 on top of the $18.00 for the book.  Please let me know if you need a RUSH book when you send the application and proof of payment of the book AND the RUSH fee.

If you would rather send a check for payment, include that info in your email to me, then mail the check and a copy of the application to the current DVG America Treasurer. You can find the name and contact information on



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