LV DVG America

The only all-breed dog sport organization

Rules for Nationals participants

see also Participate in the Nationals

Drawing for position

  • All competitors must attend the draw.
  • If for some reason you cannot attend, notify the Trial Chair. The Trial Chair will draw for you when all the other competitors have drawn.
  • If you have a bitch in season, notify the Trial Chair. You will do all 3 phases with the last flight.


Practice on the trial field will be Thursday morning starting at 8AM. All equipment, both obedience and protection, will be in place for you to use. You have 5 minutes but we encourage you to schedule as a group so you can each have more time on the field.

Please practice good sportsmanship in sharing the jump, wall, etc. You must provide your own helper and their equipment.

A judge or member of the LV Board will be present during practice to keep handlers on schedule.

During practice sessions on the trial field you must conduct yourself in a sportsmanlike manner both with others and with their dogs. Any unsportsmanlike conduct may be grounds for expulsion from the trial, as well as for additional penalties.

You may use food and toys on the field during practice. Please be careful not to leave any food on the field. E-collars and pinch collars may be used in a proper sportsmanlike manner during the practice session, as may other normal training equipment such as leashes and long lines. No other training equipment is allowed.

Dress code

You must wear tan or khaki slacks and a plain white collared shirt in obedience and protection phases. The shirt may be either short or long sleeved. No club insignia or logos are allowed. You can wear whatever you like for tracking. Of course, you can wear raingear in bad weather.

Championship helpers

LV Championship Helpers may not work any dogs that are entered in the Championship from 12:00 midnight the Sunday before the Championship until the Championship trial activities are completed.