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 I have accepted the application for apprenticeship by Joel Monroe into our DVG Judges' Program.  I am excited to have Joel join our program.  Joel brings a lot of experience with him, is an excellent trainer, handler, and helper as well.  Many of you have probably met him or at least know of him.  Joel has been very supportive of our organization and its members.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please contact me via

To be consistent with other AWDF organizations we have agreed to make a slight change in regards to the requirements for guest members entering a DVG Trial.

While it is still a requirement for any guest (Non-DVG Member) entering a DVG Trial to show a valid membership of another recognized organization as well as a valid scorebook, membership and scorebook do not necessary have to be from the same organization.  

Example: Joe Guest is a member of USCA and carries their current membership card - can enter with a scorebook issued by the AWMA.

Requirements for DVG Members are still the same, so, as a DVG Member you do need a DVG Scorebook to be able to participate in a DVG Trial.  Please make sure you apply for a scorebook well in advance of the trial you want to participate in.

March 1, 2016,  the DVG added Mantrailing to its current list of titles.   Rules

If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please let me know so I can address those.  My preferred contact information is via E-mail at:


For any urgent issues you may text or call my cell at 720-883-4234.

Hartmut Beckmann

LRO DVG America

Do you need a DVG judge?

DVG Judges are available to judge any AWDF breed club trial. Contact DVG America’s LRO, (Director of Judges) for information