To become a member of DVG America, you must join a local club. You can find regional information along with clubs listed by region on the Club Locator page. If there is no suitable club near you, contact Melissa Hepler for assistance at:

If you want to form a new DVG club, contact the new club coordinator at

Note: you must be a member of DVG to get a DVG scorebook, (Click here for membership information).

If you are a member, Click here

For all scorebook changes, fill out this form Scorebook Changes and give it to the judge at your next trial. The judge will be able to make some changes on your scorebook; for others we will have to send the information and your scorebook to Germany. If your scorebook does have to go to Germany, it's a good idea to keep a copy.

For the rules in PDF format, please click here.

To purchase a pocket sized edition of the rules, click here!

To qualify to trial at the DVG Nationals at the IPO 3 level you must

Be a current DVG member in good standing

Have a DVG scorebook for your dog

Earn an IPO 3 title in a DVG trial between last year's Championship and this year's Championship

If you have imported or purchased a titled dog, you must successfully repeat the title in the class in which you are competing in a DVG trial.

You may use the AWDF championship as a qualifying trial, if you enter through DVG.

For more details, see the rules that are published annually on the Championship website.

To request a trial date, fill in a Trial Application Form and send it to the LRO (Director of Judges). Please send in your trial applications as early as you can, and if possible include alternate dates. Germany will confirm the approved trial applications and send the trial numbers, which will be passed on to the club trial chairperson.

If you move, get a new phone number, change names, etc., simply send all relevant information concerning the changes by email to the LV Membership officer.

If your club replaces any officer on its board at any time after you submit your original officer list, please email all relevant information about the changes to your KG Membership Officer and to the LV Secretary.

Simply send all relevant information concerning the new member, by email, to the LV Membership officer

The mailing address for the main DVG Office is:

DVG Hauptgesschaeftsstelle

Ennertsweg 51

58675 Hemer


Forms & Files

If you want to become Qualified Training Director you must show proof of titling at least one dog in a BH and either an FH or a Schutzhund (IPO) title. You must also pass a written test. Click here for full requirements.  

For the latest updated list of Qualified Training Directors, please click here.

To apply to the DVG Judge’s program you must meet minimum requirements.  For more about the Judge’s Apprentice Program, click here.  

DVG America has many outstanding trial helpers. They are key to the success of our sport and often make significant personal sacrifices to serve in this role. The certification program ensures that our trial helpers are all highly qualified and practice their craft in a way that is safe for them and for the dogs. For complete rules and guidelines about the DVG America Helper Certifcation program, please click here.

For a list of all current Certified DVG America Helpers, click here.

DVG  America magazine is the official publication of DVG  America. Read the submission requirements and deadlines here.  Download the requirements here.

DVG America magazine is included in membership in DVG America clubs. There are subscriptions available for non-members. Click here to subscribe to DVG America’s magazine

Please send DVG America related events notices or corrections to the calendar to

Please send suggestions or corrections concerning the website to

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